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Integrated radiology

How many times did you wish you could speed up a session? A root canal treatment takes time, hygiene takes time, diagnosis takes time, but the latter could be faster. 

The main advantage provided by the inbuilt X-ray system presented by Castellini is that it makes diagnostics faster by showing and sharing the information with the patient in real time. The inbuilt X-ray sensor eliminates the waiting times normally associated with the development of traditional X-ray films. The LED monitor allows for their instant viewing.

The integrated X-VS sensor, available in two sizes, is housed in the dentist’s module. In a matter of seconds, the reprocessed image is displayed on the monitor and, if the Multimedia version is installed, also on the control panel of the dentist’s module. Thanks to an extensive internal collimation and an extremely small focal spot, the RXDC X-ray unit with eXTend technology provides high-quality images to quickly make a correct and accurate diagnosis.

The inbuilt system consists of X-ray unit with high-frequency generator and wireless remote control, HD digital sensor, IP67 certified, and 22” medical LED monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Castellini’s multimedia system also includes an inbuilt camera with HD sensor and extensive depth of field. The integrated camera features a streamlined design for a better use inside the oral cavity, and an ergonomic handle.